Hospitality industry: Unprepared for GDPR

Hospitality industry is currently one of the most vulnerable to data breaches – the volume of processed personal and credit card information is making it most desirable for cyber criminals.

According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report 1, the hotel industry accounts for one of the highest number of breaches in any sector and has the highest volume, when it comes to lost cards following a breach.

The sheer amount of personal data needed to provide hospitality services resides in many places: business software, folders, old email archive files – even in scribbled notes left on the front desk or left in folders in the back office.
First step would be to actually account for all the data but even this action is difficult with outdated security systems and data protection software still in use within the industry.

How will hospitality companies handle the new European General Data Protection Regulation requirements? Read the article from Hospitality Technology.  

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P.S. It doesn’t matter if your business isn’t located within the European Union – among your guests are certainly EU residents which makes you fall under GDPR.

GDPR challenges in SMB’s

While GDPR will affect companies of all sizes worldwide and not just in the EU, a large proportion of small and medium-sized businesses (10 to 500 employees) companies are completely unprepared for the major regulatory changes headed their way thanks to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Most of SMB’s don’t even realize how or even that the new regulation even affects them – especially those based outside of EU but handling personal data of EU residents – opening up big legal and operational risks.

Key Miadria findings say that SMB’s already struggle with information security and privacy so adopting GDPR requirements with current technologies and processes is going to be next to impossible.

With all this in mind it is very important to properly assess and address risks that GDPR regulation will put in front of your company. Not acting on it and not being prepared by 25th May 2018 will be very costly with fines amounting up to 20 million Euro or 4% of global turnover.

Read the report Miadria have prepared on GDPR challenges related to SMB’s:

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